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Here it is. One of the toughest yoga workouts I've ever done. Sure, it's easy to jump on the mat and stretch and strive with our mental to-do lists running in the background. But can you stop all that and just be? Give this a try and see what's harder - keeping up the frenetic pace or letting go? Be sure to let me know what you discover.

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The end of the year is creeping closer, which means my craving to plan is getting larger. You'd be horrified if I shared all I've been doing. Truly. But I'm happy to share this link from my gal, Yoga with Adrienne. I've been practicing yoga in one form or another since ... jeez, am I really going to say it? ... 1983, and I love trying new classes. If you want to do something a little different this New Year why not sign up for  her 30 Days of Yoga, FREE online classes? She's fun, festive, and with her slogan of "Find what Feels Good", allows you the freedom to work with your body, not fit yourself into a static pose.