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I know, I know. *Sigh* How many times have I popped online, realized how long it's been since I've posted, wept, beat my chest, and then swore to do better.

Okay, please. Don't answer that question.

I'll spare you all the recriminations and just say: Yeah, we've been busy Chez Munder. No excuse for neglect, but it is what it is.

But it's the end of the year, and the lovely, open slate of promise of a NEW YEAR lies ahead. Are you excited? I sure am. This year I'm focusing on three main questions as I reflect on time past and what's ahead:

  • What do I want to do in 2017?

  • What do I want to be in 2017?

  • How do I want to feel in 2017?

Keeping it simple, baby.
How about you? Setting goals for new adventures or hiding your head and hoping when you lift the covers you'll find yourself back in August?
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Howdy, howdy. It's Tuesday and I am supposed to be off doing other, more goal-orientated tasks like pulling info together for taxes. Instead I'm asking a question about Apps and how people use them. As in, I have my handy Kindle Fire. I love my Kindle Fire. It's backlit, does text to speech, lets me increase fonts until the cows come home (or until I can see what I'm listening to), and more than a few other fun things. Life is good and Chrissy is a happy camper with her Kindle Fire. (ooh, the dreaded 3rd person reference).

I've also downloaded a few apps, not too many, but some. They're fun and allow me to spend a bit more time online. Which makes me think maybe an app would my solution to my Facebook problem. Almost everyone has heard me dither about my Facebook account and how it gets short shrift because there are so many other things (writing anyone?) I could spend my limited online time on. A modern, and easy solution to most people I know would be to download the FB app on my Fire and spend my evenings liking and catching up with all you lovely people. In theory, that's great. And I've entered the app store more than once, determined THIS time I'm going to download the app.  But I don't.

The reason is App fear. Because every time I stop and read the permissions I'll be giving the Facebook app I can't make myself hit the download button. Have you read all those permissions? Maybe I'm foolish. I have a FB account. I use the account on my desktop. I know they have their little Facebooky fingers in everything I do or everywhere I go online, but seeing all those permissions laid out in black and white on the app store makes me cringe. Why the heck do they need ALL of that (including the ability to "download without notification") for me to read friend's posts and click like? If nothing else, how much of my Fire resources and battery life will that app burn through if I allow it free reign?

And this is where I wonder, am I just being paranoid? Should I fulfill my American duty as a consumer-driven data minee by closing my eyes and downloading the app uncaring if it will misuse my trust and the access I've given it? It's not that I have anything to hide, it's just, all those permissions seem so unnecessary. It's kind of like our packaged food situation. They spend all this money and research on food additives to make things addictive and packaging and shelf life. Maybe they could spend a little on actually providing minimal nutritive value.


Anyway, maybe paranoid isn't the correct word. Maybe odd would fit the bill better. What do you think?
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When I'm looking for neat and interesting stuff on the web I normally head over to Chris's blog - Stumbling Over Chaos and her amazing (should be patented) Linkity posts. But today is one of those amazing days where there is great stuff everywhere. I thought I'd share just a few:

For a refreshing look at parenthood (he compares it to herding cats, one of my favorite hobbies) there's this very moving post by Leo Babauta on The Essence of Fatherhood -

How about 3 Things You Need to Stop Doing to Get Started with What You Truly Want to Do courtesy of The Positivity Blog -

Win a copy of Clare London's Freeman over at Elisa's

Remember the joys of Word Perfect and your favorite Macro? I used to be the Macro Queen and had a slew of them at my fingertips. Not much compared to the bliss of hitting a few keys and having the computer prepare an entire form letter for you. Thems were the days. :) Well, here's a free 600 page guide containing 400 Macros you can use in Word. Download your free copy of Macros for Writers and Editors by Paul Beverley:

And then, to better understand how to use them, C.K. Macleod gives us a whole slew of helpful blog posts:

See what I mean?

What's your favorite web find today?

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Such fun. We all think we are sleep deprived and know it can impact our reaction time, but have you ever wanted to test just how much? Here's your opportunity:

The Sheep Dash!

Be sure to try some of their other tests here:
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Don't laugh. Well, too hard. :) We've all seen those commercials on television for the various brands of plastic bags you put your stuff in and then vacuum out the air, thus keeping your items safe from critters of all sorts, damp, and odor while reducing their bulk for neater storage. We recently had occasion to try them out at chez Munder, and by golly, they work. You should have seen Mr. Munder when I brought them out for storing bedding and towels up at the cottage. First he scowled, then he complained about the waste of money, then he watched as I tried one out. Guess who did the rest? :)

So, until Mr. Munder manages to win his battle against the cottage mouse (latest score: Mouse 2, Mr. Munder 0), at least I know the little furball won't be setting up a nest in my spare towels.
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I haven't had a chance to post or poke about on the web these last couple of weeks, but I can't resist sharing this link to courtesy of PaperbackWriter. It's Mind Mapping - but without the need to download a program. Does anyone else find that concept as appealing as I do?

The online program looks quite fun and you can edit, share, save, export, print your output, and probably quite a few other things than I've not had time to discover.

Hmm, now that I've shared the link, I'm curious. How many use an actual program to mind map/brainstorm/figure stuff out? What's your favorite? Would you find something like this helpful, or just another time waster?

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Here's an interesting video showing the basics of a relaxing and creative process that can be done anywhere and anytime. I was recently introduced to Zentangling and have quickly become hooked.

Interested in learning more? Just type "Zentangle" in your search engine box, and prepare to be amazed. But don't think you have to spend money to try this out. Just pick up a pen and a scrap piece of paper and get going. Currently I'm spending time on the TanglePatterns website, as it offers a wide range of introductory info and free patterns.
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I'm not sure. But I'd sure like to figure it out.

This bit of thoughtfulness is brought on by goal number seventy-five on my 2013 list. No, please don't ask my status on numbers 1 through seventy-six. Anyway, back to the website, there's no particular reason why this has made my list other than a desire to freshen things up. Let's just put it down to a Spring kind of thing. So I head out to my handy website manager and contemplate my template choices. There's 187 of them. Surely I can find one of them to tickle my fancy?

I'm feeling drawn to light and bright, clean and uncluttered. Easy enough, right? That eliminates a lot of the darker and browner options, and most of the greens (my favorite color) are just a little too neon. Not feeling the red and pink vibes, so where does that leave me? Orange? Am I really feeling orangey this year? It's amazing how much time I can waste spend on something as simple as choosing a color.

Of course, when I find a color mix I think I can live with, the button style isn't wowing me; neither is the main setup or font. Picky, picky, picky. I could spend the time and figure out how to change most of that, but then, why am I bothering with a template in the first place?

Then I sit there and contemplate the amount work involved in changing everything around - what if I don't like it? What about all the work to change it back? And this is why goal number seventy-five is still on my todo list.

How about you? How often do you change things up on your website? And when you do, how easy is it for you decide to take the leap?

Many thanks to Kelly over at Clkr for the color wheel.
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(image courtesy kbowenwriter @wana flkr commons)

COOKIES!!!!!!! Yum!

And our favorite Holiday Music!!

Hope everyone has as much fun ((Hugs))
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Right now, if you know me and have ever opened one of my drawers, you are laughing hysterically. But seriously, just looking at this makes my little unorganized heart beat faster. Can you imagine?
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We celebrated a birthday this week in the Munder household. We'll gloss over just who celebrated and how many years were racked up, but it was good day. Can you sense the theme o' the day in the following description?

Cat insists we get up/coffee/petting and cat brushing/watching birds on the deck
Went to see "Skyfall". Our opinion? Best Bond movie ever - but wow, we went to a 10:20am showing and didn't get out of the theater until 1:00pm. Was it really that long or were we caught in some strange time warp?
Came home and napped with cat
snacked (just to change things up)
Watched football

The day continued, but you get the gist. Luckily, no antacids were abused during the celebration.

We also enjoyed a few free bonuses. Not only did we enjoy the reduced matinee movie price, but also ended up paying for only one ticket. Sweet. Then at lunch we received a free entree and appetiser. Double score! In the end we decided it would be a good day to stop and buy a lottery ticket. Surely if good things were going to happen, this would be the day.

Now, we just need to find were we put said ticket and check it.
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Note to self: Next time I'm kidnapped and zip-tied, ask them to put my hands in front.

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Yesterday was a beautiful 71 degree day. Truly spectacular in what can be considered mid-November in our usually snowy state. So Mr. Munder and I set out to take a stroll and test the limits of his recovering, and still somewhat inflamed, achilles tendon. Fresh air, sunshine, and hand holding with the one I love. What more could I ask?

How about some coordination? We were on the home stretch when I hit a damaged bit of pavement and rolled my ankle before hitting the asphalt. (The damage? A bloodied knee, palm, and definite "owy" ankle)

As we limped homeward we decided we were definitely a matched set. Can't wait to see what we come up with on Tuesday, when the bottom falls out of the temps and we are holding at 38 degrees.
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Just saw a television ad for Halo4 and all I can think is the same thing I always think: Man, I'd love to read that book/watch that movie.


Seriously folks, the last video game I played was Space Invaders. The original. On an upright, chest-high machine in a pool hall, and i sucked. Miserably. Nowdays, all the concept of sitting and playing a game on any kind of console does is fill me with complete and utter indifference. Yet, I watched that little clip and was immediately drawn in. Heck, that little 30 second commercial was a better science fiction fix to me than the last several movies I tried to watch. 

Hmmm, do the folks at Halo offer transcripts?

Edited to add: Well, color me happy. Check out the Halo Book and Graphic Novel page at Amazon. Now, decisions, decisions.
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And luckily, not because of Sandy. I wish everyone facing the wrath of the storm only the best, and after spending spent a rough week earlier this year without power, lights, or basic sanitation while temperatures soared into the triple digits, a very speedy restoration of services. Remember, when they suggest you to evacuate - please do it, and please, please, take the family pets with you.

Came across a few tidbits of stormy interest, including the rescue of 14 from the HMS Bounty (they are still searching for some of the crew), and the possiblity of Lake Michigan wave heights of 18 to 25 feet. The guys at the local surf club are a little too excited.

Everyone stay safe!
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While my partner in Clare-and-Chrissy Crime is busy getting ready for GRL (and avoiding the pet store), I thought this a good time to confess my latest addiction.

See that Green Elephant there to the left? Yeah, him. Baby, he has changed my online life. No, he hasn't managed to eliminate my anal retentive, just this side of appearing on the television show 'Hoarders', compulsive need to collect and organize. Instead, he's fueled it. Given it wings. Turned me loose in all the best ways.

Some of you may be surprised that I haven't come across him before. I guess I was just saving the best for last as I've tried other online organizers and web clippers. But they were clunky, unsatisfying, and a pain to go back into. But this guy? He's smooth. Slick. And so much fun. Are there even words to describe what I've been up to with him?  Images, Recipes, and Articles galore. All my writing and research applications. Everything nice and tidy in a series of notebooks and tags. And, should I have more than one device that accesses the web, synced.

Did I mention he was free? *blinks*

Evernote. This my compulsive need to collect and organize information on meth.

Have you tried him? (If so, why didn't you tell me about him sooner?) Or are you a fan of some other online organizer?
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I came across this video on Yahoo, so I can't embed it here. But I did laugh at the oh so serious delivery of "The only six things you need in your wallet".

And then I looked at my carry-on bag sized purse.

At least when the zombie apocalypse arrives I, unlike those with only six things in their wallet, have a greater chance of survival.